Bob Wood’s Farm Photography (Nov/Dec 2017)

American Farming Publication Bob wood Farm Photography

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and talk to local Iowa artist, Bob Wood. Bob has lived in Iowa since the age of two; and has been a proud Fort Dodge resident since 1975. He received his first camera in 1980, but it wasn’t until ten years ago that buyers have had the opportunity to get their hands on the artistry created from the emotions he invokes from behind the camera lens. In addition, Bob’s mother first entered his photos into the Iowa State Fair in 2008. For the last eight years, his photo submissions have been accepted and have won several ribbons for his work.
Bob’s favorite subjects to capture include old barns, landscapes, abandoned buildings, and urban type photos. However, barns are especially near and dear to his heart since they are disappearing from the rural landscapes every year. When I asked him how he chooses his subjects, he simply explained he gets on the gravel and travels the backroads looking for anything that needs to be captured. Bob travels with three cameras on the front passenger seat of his van, and what most people don’t realize is his works of art are captured from right there. He looks for the unique, although sometimes he doesn’t find it until he is looking around through the lens. For a photographer there is never an ugly day; beauty can always be found in what other may not see. The photographs he takes appeal to people’s emotions, memories, or just spark something inside that maybe we didn’t know was there. Often times Bob goes back to several of the same places he was before because time, people, and the season can change the look of where he has been.
As trends and techniques in photography are always changing, Bob is able to put clouds in motion while the landscape is perfectly still or turn rough waters to ice. Bob says he will never learn everything about his craft since it is always changing and he is always a student learning new techniques, but he would like to go to Monument Valley to the Big Buttes that stand alone. New places always bring exploration for a photographer and a new adventure. When we really think about it, what if a photographer had not been at the Dust Bowl and captured it on film? Would we really understand what our history teachers were talking about? Photography is a beautiful way to capture moments in time and our history for generations to come. Bob is a proud member of Photoshop Artistry, Awake, and the Kaizen Group.