Iowa Central Community College (Sept/Oct 2017)

We have a hidden gem in the Midwest at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge Iowa. The College has an Ag Technology Program that will benefit agricultural businesses and farmers alike with the skills received in this two-year program. These skills are valuable since agriculture and the technology that surrounds it are forever changing. In the dynamic realm of today’s agriculture, this program is designed to prepare students for the production, retail, and service aspects of the agriculture industry. Students gain employable skills through such courses as animal science, crop production, farm business management, and field studies. In addition, students will receive practical experience in some of the largest agricultural businesses in the Midwest. The college farm also provides the resources for students to apply many farm management skills.
Instructor Mike Richards has been with Iowa Central since 2008 and has been instrumental in enhancing the GPS course offerings and has incorporated new technology in the classrooms with the addition of drones, precision planting units and a Polaris Ranger that has guidance and steering capabilities. “The instructors are teaching these men and woman how to bring value to there products all while being good stewards of the land and how not to deplete it,” according to one of the ladies in the Ag program Crystal Hanrahan from the Sac City Area. The students are also able to participate in the PAS club which is a post secondary FFA club at the collegiate level with many National Winners. The students say PAS Club has taught them ten times more than just what they are learning in there programs. We enjoyed our visit with Mollie Upton, Kaylee Peters, Brady Shelgern, Crystal Hanrahan, and there instructors Mike Robertson and Mike Richards and wish them all the best in there future endeavors at Iowa Central Community College.

Mike Richards
Phone: 1-800-362-2793, Ext: 1918