Stories From The Farm By: E.J. Caldwell (Nov/Dec 2017)

American Farming Publication

The weather is changing here in the Midwest, which means winter is right around the corner. The colder weather and snow accumulations mean more time spent in the home with those people whom we love and also who love to test our patience! When I was younger the cold weather didn’t bother me much since it meant hanging out with my sister and brother, whether we were playing board games, making crafts, or just watching movies, we enjoyed our time tucked away from the cold in the warmth of a home filled with our parents’ love. Now we are all grown up and dread the colder weather and living our lives away from that acreage, but always come back together for the holiday season and enjoy each other’s company while watching our children interact with one another and their grandparents. Yes, our lives might be busy with family, jobs, activities and just the everyday hustle and bustle of life but we cherish the small moments when we can all be together again. We sit around the table in our parents’ home, a table that has heard many disagreements, cries from broken hearts, but also the laughter and chatter of a family that truly love one another; all while the cold wind is whipping around right outside the door. We are all warm and comfortable inside with our family enjoying each other for just a little while longer before we must head out into the cold to go back to our reality and busy lives. Thankful for the family I am blessed to call my own and looking forward to being together again this holiday season. Remember reader to slow down this holiday season and enjoy the little moments, “They are the ones you’ll remember when the busy season has come and gone.”