Stories From The Farm (Sept/Oct 2017)

American Farming Publication Stories From The Farm

The word legacy means anything handed down from the past. I myself can look at my dad and know in my heart what that word truly means. This man raised me and showed me the value of hard work. Richard Bothe came into my life around the age of twelve and to put it mildly, I set out to test his patience and send him running for the hills. I was quite content with being my moms number one go to, and didn’t want this man disrupting my selfish little world. As I am writing this, I am now 38 years old, and Richard Bothe is no longer someone I see as an obstacle. He is my Dad. His patience was stronger than my will. He moved us to his farm and that my friends was such a foreign place, but it turned out to be both a blessing and a gift. He worked long hours as both an insurance adjuster and a farmer on a land that his family had been stewards of for more than 100 years. He never complained about working hard, always telling us you get what you work for so be sure to work hard and live a life that you can be proud of.

The farm is where he was born and raised. He loves the land and everything that is on it. He knows how hard his ancestors had to work to make a living off the land, and their legacy lives on through him and his memories of times forgotten with advancement of agricultural technology and development. He has seen the farm change from dairy cow production to row crops that he farmed along side his father to now watching a family friend continue to work the land that his family has had since the late 1800’s. The pride he feels for those that came before him is evident in the way he choses to live his life. To this day he is such a kind, loyal, wise, and hardworking man, and the legacy he continues to share with all of us is a blessing. The life of a farmer is not for the faint of heart and requires long hours and much dedication to produce the land. Richard Bothe your children are proud to call you Dad and your grandchildren are beyond lucky to have such a wonderful grandpa. We are all proud of the life you live and the Legacy you have created.
“For Farmers Lay The Foundation”