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American Farming Publication, LLC

At American Farming Publication, it is our mission to provide seamless communication between our clients, and the American farmer. We are located in Fort Dodge, Iowa, which is right in the middle of farm country. This gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with the needs of today's farmers. We give the options of printed advertising (magazines), digital publications, website access, show coverage and social media. We have years of experience and reliability, coupled with honesty and a cost-effective price. Our team at American Farming Publication will use every resource at our disposal, to provide a concise and beautifully rendered advertisement for you. As a result will, in turn, bring more customers your way. Our website and social media access will allow us to reach more customers than ever before. We are excited to work with you and provide you with everything that you need for your advertising purposes.

“For Farmers Must Lay The Foundation”
-Richard A. Bothe

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