Media Kit

Layout & Design Policies:

Please include ALL linked files (vector and bitmap/photo).
Please make sure all links are updated and current, missing files may create delays.
Please include all font files used in your document. Fonts should not have styles such as bold or italic applied to them within the page layout program. Use the font containing the desired attribute, it is also a good idea to change all fonts to outlines. Implementing styles may not print as desired (always print it to make sure it looks good).
Please check for overprinting issues with black and white type.

Design Requirements:

Accepted File Format:
.PDF ~ .PSD ~ .AI ~ .JPG ~ .PNG

  • Color - resolution of 300 dpi at 100%, converted to CMYK mode.
  • Grayscale - resolution of 300 dpi at 100%
  • Vector art (EPS, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Convert fonts to curves/outlines.
  • Convert all spot colors to process (CMYK) colors.
    We cannot be responsible for typographical errors in files that you design. We cannot modify PDF files.
    Other files that we modify at your request will require an approval of a proof and may cause delays.
    Please make sure your file is how you want it before sending it to us to avoid delays.
    If we have to build your AD, that will take time. To speed the process up of building your AD please send any logos, pictures, and text you would like featured.

Disclaimer: American Farming Publication, LLC is not responsible for advertisers content. American Farming Publication, LLC will not be responsible for any errors in content, or in placement of ad. Any content including text representation, photos and illustrations. If content does not meet publication standards we do reserve the right to reject. All contracts and or agreements pertaining to the production schedule is subject to change. Invoices are payable within 30 days of publication run or billing statement. Advertisers who have been given a discount or a contract rate that cancel their advertisements will be re-billed at full rate for ads already published. No cash rebate will be issued.



  • Front Cover $1800
  • IFC/IBC/Back Cover
  • 1 Full $1600
  • 1/2 $800
  • 1/4 $475
  • 2x3 $350


  • ¼ $400
  • ½ $700
  • Full $1400
  • 2x3 $275
  • 2x2 $225

Black & White:

  • ¼ $375
  • ½ $500
  • Full $700
  • 2x3 $225
  • 2x2 $200
  • Coop $140/ Group $100
American Farming Publication Media Kit Ad sizes

Ad Sizes